Journalism Online Reads 506 Newspapers, Magazines

JournalismOnline.jpgJournalism Online, the e-commerce start-up founded by Steven Brill, Gordon Crovitz and Leo Hindery Jr. aimed at helping news Websites to monetize their content, announced that it reached agreements with 506 newspapers and magazines, including 176 daily papers, Crain’s New York Business reported.

The company said the individual publications will reveal themselves and their payment plans in separate announcements.

Journalism Online targets the top 10% of Websites’ visitors, believing it can charge $50-$100 per year for content without losing users and advertising.

Brill said publishers “are rolling up their sleeves to figure out with us exactly what kind of package is right for them,” and Crovitz added:

What we have seen across the spectrum of these affiliates is that each can likely create an offering that is distinctive and will appeal to the segment of its online audience that reads them most regularly.