Attempts To Build Master List Of All (1750+) UK Journalists On Twitter

It’s a shame Twitter lists have a maximum of 500 accounts each, or else this would make one super-mega-all-encompassing-news-list for anyone in the UK. has put together the “master list” of all UK-based journalists on Twitter – and there are currently over 1,700 members.

This master list of UK journalists is a fantastic tool for anyone living in, with ties to, or even just interested in the UK and the news coming out of the region. It includes journalists writing for UK mainstays like the Telegraph, the Guardian and the BBC, as well as new media outlets like TechCrunch UK.

The list is sorted by PeerIndex score, which measures a Twitter users’ influence based on their audience, activity and authority. The PeerIndex scores of the journalists on the list range from 0 (given to those who haven’t tweeted or who, oddly enough for individuals in a field that’s all about sharing information, have private accounts) to 81 (given to, apparently, the most influential journalists in the UK, who we’ll reveal below).

Incidentally, if you are a UK journo whose name doesn’t appear on the list (and kudos to you for reading through the entire thing looking for your own name), encourages you to contact them via @journalismnews using the hashtag #UKjourn.

The top 10 journalists on the lists are a diverse bunch, representing everything from tech to science to business to fashion in their reporting, and hailing from an equally diverse batch of publications. You can discover the remaining 1740 or so journalists over at

1. Ben Goldacre @bengoldacre
2. Hilary Alexander @hilaryalexander
3. Jemima Kiss @jemimakiss
4. Mike Butcher @mikebutcher
5. Charles Arthur @charlesarthur
6. Rory Cellan-Jones @ruskin147
7. Robert Peston @peston
8. Felix Salmon @felixsalmon
9. Johann Hari @johannhari101
10. Tim Harford @timharford