Journal Register to Deploy Critical Media’s Syndicaster Real-Time Video Platform

Journal Register, owner of newspapers and local news Web sites, will deploy Syndicaster, a real-time broadcast-to-Web video platform from Critical Media, across its 324 multiplatform products serving 992 communities in 10 states, including 18 daily newspaper Web sites.

Syndicaster will allow users at the Journal Register-owned Web sites to aggregate, review, edit, title, tag, geo-tag, and thumbnail proprietary video from both its journalists and its readers, with the video then available for real-time publishing to the company’s network via the Syndicaster player and ad-server platform.

Journal Register users will also be able to migrate video to platforms such as YouTube and iTunes via Critical Media’s Super Distribution, as well as syndicating video via ClipSyndicate.

Critical Media CEO Sean Morgan said:

Traditional print publications are challenged to embrace new technologies to keep pace with the evolving demands of their readers. These readers want more in-depth information on news, quickly, and in a variety of formats. The Journal Register Co.’s commitment to a digital-first strategy and partnership with Syndicaster will quickly turn it into a 24/7 TV news channel and leading information organization.

Journal Register CEO John Paton added:

Visual storytelling is a vital part of Journal Register’s digital-first business model. Our audience demands news and information in the format of their choice, and our partnership with Critical Media will help us expand those offerings. Syndicaster provides us with an efficient and powerful way to grow and monetize the ever-growing amount of video we — both our journalists and our audience — are producing.