THR Tests Josh Flagg’s Star Maps App

For a Hollywood Reporter piece about Million Dollar Listing host Josh Flagg’s recently released Star Maps App, reporter Daniel Miller compared the 99-cent product’s data with that of a couple of the more conventional six-dollar paper products. Miller discovered that the westside mobility of past and present celebs can be a hazard of this specialized trade:

The comparison revealed that only a handful of about two dozen randomly selected notables were listed on all three products: Elvis Presley, Warren Beatty, Aaron Spelling and Frank Sinatra. And each map gave a different address for Sinatra and Beatty. Flagg and [Movie Star Homes and Notorious Crime Scenes publisher Marko] Joelson say their Sinatra and Beatty addresses are correct, though they concede the stars lived at multiple properties.

Flagg’s application makes use of Smartphone GPS to guide users to the the star homes they want to see. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before John Q. Stargazer can check in on Foursquare at one of Sinatra’s former LA joints, or at least the sidewalk in front of a one-time Old Blue Eyes abode.

The 26-year-old Bravo reality star, whose latest season of Million Dollar Listing debuts tonight, minces no words in the article, telling Miller: “My goal is to put them [traditional star map makers] out of business; I despise them.” Full article here.