Joost: We’re Not Going Mobile

These days, it’s not often you hear a popular Internet service say they don’t have any mobile plans. But that’s exactly what Joost CEO Mike Volpi said in a recent interview with Robert Andrews at PaidContent:UK, according to MocoNews. Here’s the transcript:

“Andrews: How about portable, mobile media? We have the iPhone and iPod aiming to become mobile viewing devices, as well as other types of handsets.

“Volpi: I do think that’s a viable platform, for sure. I don’t think that you’re going to see us do it right now. We put a lot of work in to a quality viewing experience. I do think it’s going to be rare that people watch long-form stuff on their iPhone… we have technical ideas for how we would run it in an environment that is power-constrained and bandwidth constrained but we haven’t really gotten to (planning it yet)…You probably have to look at it market-by-market a little bit. In China, there are a lot of people who don’t have television sets at home but they do have mobiles. Would they watch a football game on their mobile phone? Yeah, they probably would.”

This tentative stance is in sharp contrast to YouTube, MySpace and other big-name sites, all of whom are busy signing deals to appear on any cell phone carrier that will have them.

Joost Not Planning Mobile Service: Volpi [MocoNews]