Jones Leaving City Paper

(Yes, that sounds like the most generic headline ever).

From an internal Washington City Paper announcement:

    Washington City Paper is pleased to announced that D.C. Appleseed has
    found a new senior research associate. This is a fine outfit with a
    laudable mission of making good policies happen in the District of
    Columbia. Washington City Paper is a bit less pleased to announce just whom Appleseed has hired. That’d be James Jones, who currently writes the weekly Loose Lips column. Apparently our guy got to the point at which he’d rather actually solve problems than write about others trying–and often failing–to do the same. Whatever the explanation, it’s a big loss for us. Jones is a wonderful man who wrote a wonderful, thoroughly reported column for us each week. He’ll be around for another couple of weeks. Please congratulate him as well as shame him from going over to the other side.