Jonathan Karl Asks Josh Earnest About President’s Knowledge of @BarackObama

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 14.16.23Jonathan Karl posed a question to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest at today’s press briefing on the topic of a ‘Throwback Thursday’ Tweet by @BarackObama referencing “when a woman—not her boss—made her own decisions about her health care.”

“Does he even read the others?” asked Karl about ones not signed with his initials. “Does he know they’re going out? Are they reviewed by senior people at the White House or is that just simply OFA doing something on his behalf?”

Earnest explained that @BarackObama is maintained by Organizing for Action, the nonprofit to move forward the national agenda voted for on Election Day 2012.

Karl followed up by asking, “Does the president believe that because of the Hobby Lobby decision, women are not allowed to make their own decisions about their health care?”

See Earnest’s response in the below video exchange.

The Tweet Karl referenced:

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