Jonathan Alter’s LA Book Party

On Friday the fanboy-worthy columnist/author Jonathan Alter had a party hosted by Arianna Huffington in Brentwood for his new book, “The Promise: President Obama, Year One.”

Spotted in the crowd of notable LA literates were Waiting for Guffman‘s Catherine O’Hara, Star Trek‘s Evan English, host of SoCal Connected Val Zavala and author Sandra Tsing Loh.

We “also ran” into the former US Senate candidate/blogger Mickey Kaus, sporting a politician’s haircut. We told him he must have gotten more votes than “birther queen” Orly Taitz in the primary earlier this month. When we checked this morning, Kaus got 112,754 votes to usurp Senator Barbara Boxer and Taitz received 462,192 votes arguably from mostly Democrats using Republican ballots, to run as Secretary of State. Ouch.

Anyway, we asked him if he’s going to run again against Dianne Feinstein. “No, no. I like Feinstein,” he told us. So sad. We’ve had fun seeing Mickey run.

Also we heard Richard Rushfield’s first book party for his novel, “On Spec” was held at the old Friar’s Club in Beverly Hills. The venue was split that might between Rushfield’s party and a Bar Mitzvah. Rushfield clarfied, “So we put that in our invite, to capture the essence of our mag (LA Innuendo), that we couldnt afford a full space so we were going halves with a bar mitzvah and asked everyone to dress accordingly. Then we got this kid who had been bar mitzvahed to do the service.”

And, because it’s Richard, we bet there still was a cash bar.

But not at Alter’s party. Swoon.