Jonathan Adler Protects Your Toilet Tissue, Designs Roll Covers for Cottonelle

In the world of home decor, and thanks to his many collaborations between companies running the gamut from Barney’s to Starbucks, there are few things you wouldn’t be able to purchase that were designed by Jonathan Adler. Now that list has managed to get even smaller, as the Cottonelle brand of toilet paper has announced that Adler has created three designs for them. His work appears not on the tissue itself, but on the “roll covers” which wrap around extra unused rolls. This was not a home product this writer was aware of, nor does needing to artfully present toilet paper rolls make total sense to him, but to each their own. To those for whom it is perfectly clear, Adler’s covers will be available between now and the end of April. Here’s from his statement:

Part of my passion for design is taking everyday objects and turning them into eye-catching conversation pieces and, until now, toilet paper has been a relatively untouched canvas,” said designer Jonathan Adler. “So I was thrilled when Cottonelle approached me to design its spring collection of roll covers.

And here’s the quote wherein he really earned his check:

“When it comes to good design, I believe functionality is key,” Adler added. “These roll covers are a great solution for keeping that extra roll of Cottonelle Clean Care handy and makes it easy to respect the roll that respects you.”