Join the mobile freedom movement with Nimbuzz!

nimbuzz_logo.jpgHere’s another one of them mobile/pc application that bridges the great divide through the use of mobile phones – the Nimbuzz Talk from Mobile Crunch. Nimbuzz is free mobile application that supports voice, mobile presence, conference calls, and SMS messaging across mobile devices, PC’s, and mobile to PC or PC to mobile.

nimbuzz_screen.jpgNimbuzz works with any internet-enabled mobile phones. Nimbuzz says it supports up to 22 brands and over 500 models of mobile phones. You would be the unluckiest person if your mobile is not included in the list. But if your mobile phone runs on Java ME which includes most BlackBerry and Nokia S60 devices, you’re in luck. Anyway, just check out the list of mobile phones that Nimbuzz support to make sure.

Nimbuzz is a free software. Likewise, using it for IM and text messaging and PC calling are also free. You’ll only be charged once you use Nimbuzz to call another mobile phone. And this can be pretty much taken care of by your phone’s data plan. So, if you will not use Nimbuzz most of the time, you don’t need to have unlimited data access plan. But if you plan to use it as much as you can, then the unlimited data access plan is highly recommended.

Additionally, if you don’t want to use Nimbuzz on your mobile phone, you can also download and install the software to your PC, or even use it in your social network as an embeddable widget. It currently works with Facebook, Orkut and MySpace, so if you embed the Nimbuzz widget on those social network profile, your friends can quickly communicate with you using Nimbuzz. Sounds neat? Actually neat is an understatement, great! is better.

Likewise, Nimbuzz currently works with various IM and Chat clients including, GTalk, Skype, Messenger and more.