Worst Celebrity Couple Short-Form Ever?

JarlosWall Street Journal reporter Mike Vilensky’s piece about the dynamic twentysomething NYC male duo of John Tuite and Carlos Santolalla starts out with some impressive social media particulars. The two model-photographers-writers are constantly about-town and ready to Instagram, resulting in some notable flashpoints.

But then, for us, it went off the rails:

Inspired by it-couple forebears like “Kimye” and “Brangelina,” Messrs. Tuite and Santolalla also have a combo nickname: “Jarlos.”

Jarlos!? Please, somebody find a better combo-nickname for this talented pair. Phonetically, it sounds like a hair care product. Secondarily, it conjures up for FishbowlNY images of Carlos the Jackal.

Outside your primary demo, it may not be the end of the world for people to knee-jerk to the notion of a well-coiffed terrorist. However, with this duo’s big DKNY campaign going international and a gallery show of their photo work just-opened Thursday at The Safari (with help from DKNY), it may be time to go back to the drawing board. Any number of other mash-up possibilities – SanT, JLalla… – could serve them better in the long run.

Read the rest of Vilensky’s item here.

[Image via: Instagram/Jarlos420]