John Stossel Questions Sesame Street Photo

An eagle-eyed catch by the Fox News commentator

It starts with a Feb. 21 dispatch from New York magazine’s Daily Intelligencer, about President Trump’s forthcoming first budget. A photo at the top depicted a protester dressed as Big Bird, wearing a sign that read “Keep your mitts off me!” The caption underneath added: ‘Big Bird hunting season.’

That photo is now gone, replaced by one of Trump. (The headline also no longer makes reference to the “Abolition of PBS.”) The reason for the removal of the image by AFP-Getty Images photographer Nicholas Kamm becomes clear after reading the latest Fox News op-ed by former ABC-TV consumer reporter John Stossel:

What New York doesn’t say is that the picture is three years old, and Big Bird’s employer, Sesame Street, no longer gets government funds.

We confronted the article writer, Eric Levitz. He said, “Big Bird has long functioned as a symbol of public broadcasting … Still, considering Sesame Street’s switch to HBO, I concede that some could have been misled.”

You bet.

Big Bird doesn’t need government help. Sesame Street is so rich that it paid one of its performers more than $800,000.

Stossel is all for the federal government eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts and getting out of arts funding. His take is pretty interesting. And actually, just to correct Stossel a bit. That Big Bird protester photo is four-and-a-half years old, snapped Nov. 3, 2012.