John Roberts, We Hardly Knew Ye

johndroberts.jpgLots of people are having fun with the with the commonness of the name John Roberts, which, in addition to the President’s latest Supreme Court nominee and CBS’ White House correspondent/stand-in anchor (left), is the moniker for a whole bunch of people, reports today’s Washington Post.

The CBS version of the name, meanwhile, wrote a little commentary on the shared name:

“It was a bit of an ‘Alice In Wonderland’ moment last night, watching President Bush in the State Dining Room lauding the accomplishments and character of one ‘John Roberts.’ After my four and a half years covering the Bush White House, I couldn’t imagine the name ‘John Roberts’ and the phrase ‘widely admired for his intellect, his sound judgment and his personal decency’ being used in the same time zone, let alone the same sentence.”

CBS’ Roberts expects that he’ll get some extra special treatment on the phone when he calls the White House–at least until they realize it’s not the judge calling.