Lakers Announcer Revisits Toronto Makeup Incident That Went Viral

Chicago-based contributor Tony Farinella has posted a solid interview with 710 ESPN radio host and Lakers play-by-play man John Ireland.

It’s always a compliment when the person being interviewed notes that no one has asked them a particular question before. This happens twice to Farinella. When asked to grade his first season as a Lakers radio announcer, Ireland gives himself a B minus. The veteran journalist also says his favorite “third chair” celebrity guests on the broadcast so far have been Jamal Wilkes, David Hasselhoff, Andy Garcia and Jeannie Buss.

Ireland also revisits an infamous incident from earlier this year during which he could be seen on TV in the background of a Lakers-Raptors broadcast, applying makeup to his face. He says this was a particularly lazy version of dealing with the juxtaposition of his radio duties and a live post-game TV interview show:

“It was the sixth game of a six-game round trip. What I had done was I had always gone back to the bathroom at halftime to put my makeup on, so when the game ends, I can run right to TV.”

“Well, with that game in Toronto, I said to myself, ‘OK, I’m in Canada. I don’t know anybody in Canada. I’m not Canadian. I don’t care if people see me putting makeup on…’ If you look at that tape, you can see my face, as I look down and see a monitor, and I see myself in the background, and I realize, ‘Oh my gosh, if they [Bill McDonald, Stu Lanz] have been on for any longer than 30 seconds, everybody just saw me put my makeup on.’ That’s the look on my face like, ‘I am so busted.'”

“I have my Twitter feed open on my computer, and my Twitter feed, within a span of ten seconds, I had a hundred tweets from people saying, ‘Hey, you moron, you just put makeup on…’ The minute it goes up on Twitter, everybody was kind of bagging me for being girly and putting makeup on.” picked up on the incident a few days later, and from there it spread quickly to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and ESPN. Farinella meanwhile last week did an equally interesting Q&A with Ireland’s “Mason & Ireland” 710 ESPN co-host Steve Mason. To read that interview, click here.