John Hockenberry Takes to the Airwaves


Apologies now from this end of the continent, as our keyboard fell silent yesterday eve. Wolves.

Now we play catch up, and first stop comes via the Kingpins of South Colfax at Design Observer who alert us that John Hockenberry, the only design conference moderator to win our hearts, will be getting his own radio show at WNYC. If you’ll remember way back when, that’s the world from whence he came:

The show marks John Hockenberry’s return to his roots in public radio–where he was one of the medium’s original innovators–after 15 years in network and cable television. For his work at ABC and NBC, he has earned four Emmy Awards, three Peabody Awards, an Edward R. Murrow Award and a Casey Medal. Hockenberry is known for his pioneering online content, and currently sits as a Distinguished Fellow at the prestigious MIT Media Lab.

Hocks will co-host the show with Adaora Udoji starting in early 2008 during the drive-time slot, but they’ll start airing some specials as soon as November of this year. What could this mean for public radio? Witty wordplay concerning processed cheese spread? Racy comments about sustainability? Duets with Sagmeister?