Twitterverse Coughs Up Logos for Comedian’s Re-Imagined NBA Teams

Only in Bizarro World and on Twitter are there NBA teams with names like the New York Anxiety and Brooklyn Bloggers. The goofy monikers are part of a free-association shared last week by comedian Joe Mande. Now, per Dime magazine, there are team logos.


Mande, via Twitter, invited folks to design logos. The one above is for his version of the Knicks; the one below, for his version of the Nets.


Well done, Syracuse graphic designer Andrea Streeter, the folks at Web comic Alosi and everyone else who heeded Mande’s call. (Seeing The Woodman at the center of the Anxiety logo couldn’t help but remind us of his old Nailbiters vs. Bedwetters neurotic softball league riff.)