Job Ack Of The Day: ‘They Contain Mainly Very Chaotic List Of Thoughts’

From the always-amusing Craigslist, an internet media company wants a writer…except what they really need is a writer/proofreader/copywriter/PR pro/salesperson/lawyer. Not a surprise, then, that their materials “contain mainly very chaotic list of thought and highlights, and they need a solid proofreading work.”

After the jump, the listing (and a bonus one about crazy people!)

We are a small internet media company located in NYC. We are working on a new online project and we need a person who can help us with few things.
Many details are already created, so you will not have to work on them from the scratch.
We have brochures, content for emails, press releases etc. However, they contain mainly very chaotic list of thought and highlights, and they need a solid proofreading work.

Services we need are:
– revision of content
– ideas for slogans
– some legal advice if possible
– writing Terms and Conditions for the website
– ideas and proofreading of advertising materials
– writing few short articles
– writing, replaying and sending emails
– writing a press-release
– making calls to companies, then introduce our project and invite the business for beta testing
– making calls in order to arrange presentation of our service
– if needed, going for a meeting as an assistant/help

Legal advice? Terms & conditions? You’re advertising in the wrong section, buddy.

On the bright side, the company says their budget is $25/hr, which is certainly low but not in the range of shockingly low that many online “opportunities” offer. On the other hand, it’s “$25/h for an efficient writer,” which is probably code for “if you take more than an hour to do this we’re not hiring you.”

Now, a BONUS craigslist post, from someone who wants something for nothing (as usual):

I am looking to hire someone who can volunteer to edit and proofread my manuscript in order for me to submit my final copy to a literary agent or book publisher. I can not afford to give money right now so if you can help me I would appreciate it. If you edit my manuscript and do an excellent job, I will write a recommendation letter to you for any job you apply for. This is a story about my life as a Jewish Orthodox Girl Facing Mental Illness.

News flash: recommendations work best when they’re from people the hiring manager knows (or has heard of). Ah. Maybe her plan is to become a famous published author and then start doling out the recommendations. Of course.