Jerry Seinfeld Offers Up Classic Description of the Smartphone Scroll

There was some very solid Seinfeld last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The king of the observational world kicked off his stand-up routine with a look at the ubiquitous Smartphone.

Seinfeld’s mockery of a user always needing to be in touch with their friends was fantastic, especially his description and pantomime of the bottom-to-top scroll through a list of friend names. “Really? They don’t seem very important. Not the way you scroll through their names and your contact list like a gay French king. ‘Who pleases me today… Who shall I favor?… Who shall I delete?’…”

Watch that part of the very first stand-up routine on Fallon’s Tonight Show beginning at the 1:00 mark. Then start thinking what your personal gay French king name should be. We’re going with Le Grand Poisson.

Seinfeld seamlessly moved on from Smartphones to the USPS as his topic #2. And absolutely slayed it. All told, this five minutes was a masterful end-around look at personal communication methods through the ages, from the USPS and its circa-1630 business model to the device that can blast out a text at 16:30 from anywhere.

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