Jill Sobule’s Rock N’ Roll Telethon

0123sobule.jpg1990’s folk-pop singer Jill Sobule (“I Kissed A Girl”) needs money to record her next album. So, garnering all her best new media publicity hound instincts, Sobule’s hosting an online telethon.

We wish we were kidding. In the proud tradition of NPR and PBS, here’s where donating to Souble gets you:

$25 – Polished Rock Level: An advance copy of the CD. Weeks before the masses.

$50 – Pewter Level: An advance copy and a “Thank You” on the CD.

$100 – Copper Level: All the above, plus a T-shirt saying you’re a junior executive producer on the album.

$200 – Bronze Level: Free admission to my shows for 2008.

$250 – Silver Level: All the above, plus a membership to the “Secret Society Producer’s Club,” which means you’ll get a secret password to a website where I’ll post some rough tracks, or… something worthwhile.

$500 – Gold Level: This is where it gets good! At the end of my CD, I’ll do a fun instrumental track where I’ll mention your name and maybe rhyme with it. And if you don’t want your name used, you can give me a loved one’s instead. What a great gift!

$750 – Gold Doubloons Level: Exactly like the gold level, but you give me more money.

$1,000 – Platinum Level: How would you like to have a theme song written for you? I’ll have a song you can put on your answering machine and show off. Again, this could be a gift.

Sobule hopes to have a mean $75,000 in pocket by the time this is all over.