Jeff Bercovici: Retire ‘Pajama Jokes’

41DLDBOGgPL._AA280_.jpgJeff Bercovici columnist at Daily Finance lays out a case for nixing the pajama dig:

Jokes about bloggers in pajamas were already a cliche by 2005, when a group of blogs banded together to form Pajamas Media. They were even more hackneyed by 2008, when Sarah Palin swatted at “some blogger probably sittin’ there in their parents’ basement in their pajamas.” Now it’s 2010. Paul Krugman blogs. So does Hendrik Hertzberg. So does James Fallows. So does…well, everyone.

To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, who was offended by his dentist’s bad Jewish jokes as a comedian rather than as a Jew, I object to characterizations like Risen’s not as a blogger but as a reader. Bloggers may frequently be too lazy to pick up the phone and break news of their own, but when it comes to finding novel ways to make fun of people, we’re the very soul of enterprise.

The James Risens of the world could learn something.

That’s all fine and good. Blogging is a legit job. Has been for a while. Smart people do it. Whatever. We just think this discussion has an anti-pajama undertone. We wear pajamas. We like pajamas. One of our staffers here at FBLA is wearing Christmas pajamas right now in June (we won’t name names) and he’s a Jew. This isn’t content snobbery. This is junior high fashion policing. If you don’t wear jelly bracelets then you’re not cool enough to eat lunch with us.

Who WANTS to write in starched clothing? No one. How do you spelled editorial freedom? P-A-J-A-M-A-S!

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