Jeb Bush Clarifies: No, I’m Not Hispanic

No comprende, Senor Bush.

The morning’s most amusing story in politics and PR involves the 2016 campaign’s first official candidate, Jeb Bush.

Someone pointed The New York Times in the direction of Bush’s 2009 voter registration form, on which he identified himself as “Hispanic.”

Does this man look Hispanic to you?


Of course, the former Florida governor’s wife is of Mexican heritage, he speaks fluent Spanish, and his children are certainly members of The United States’ fastest-growing demographic.

That said, his spokesperson “could offer no explanation” to the NYT as to why Mr. Bush forgot that he is, in fact, white.

The governor and his son quickly turned the incident into a joke:

The only appropriate response comes from Taj Magruder of the consulting firm Benenson Strategy Group:

The flub will almost certainly not hurt Mr. Bush among the Hispanic demographic that he hopes to provide him with an edge over his rivals.

At the moment, he has yet to respond to (potential) constituents confused by his confusion:

…but this is probably the first 2016 campaign scandal that we can all laugh away in one day. We could discuss the incredible fluidity of “Hispanic” as an ethnic identity, but that’s a topic for another time.