Jay Carney Named Time D.C. Chief

jaycarney.jpgTime Magazine announced today that its long-time Washington bureau chief Michael Duffy was stepping aside and that Jay Carney (left) would take the top spot at the weekly. Duffy is giving up the bureau in favor of writing and reporting full-time.

“During his tenure, Michael has witnessed an impeachment, two presidential elections, 9/11, two major wars and a natural disaster that is still unfolding before our eyes. All along, Michael has been a superb leader of our colleagues in Washington and a boon companion to his colleagues in New York. It is not easy to make folks in both cities happy, but somehow Michael accomplished that exceedingly well. As bureau chief, Michael managed to write and report so often and so well that I’m not sure how he can increase that output in his new role. But I’m sure he will find a way,” said Kelly, who yesterday we learned is worth $1.1 million annually to Time.

Carney, who first worked for Time as a summer intern in 1986 while attending a second-rate New Haven higher education institution, rejoined Time after a stint at the Miami Herald. He’s been in the D.C. bureau since 1993. A decade later, in 2003, Carney won the Gerald R. Ford Prize for Distinguished Reporting on the Presidency.

Duffy, for his part, joined Time in 1985 as a Pentagon correspondent and was assigned to cover Congress a year later. He spent six years covering both the George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton White House in 1995 won the Ford Award for his work.

The switch will become effective October 1st.