Jaxtr Brings Voice to Social Networking – Literally

jaxtrSince 2007 Jaxtr has brought voice to social networks, Websites and blogs by enabling click-to-call functionality. Without any software downloads, users can link their phone number to their online network without exposing their digits for the world to see. Receive or make international calls for a fraction of what the phone company charges.With a current user base exceeding 10 million people, Jaxtr emerges out of beta testing, rallying around Cafe Jaxtr. The site, like Twitter, asks its users a simple question: “What do you want to talk about?”

The real question is: Are people really interested in taking their e-mail and chats to the next level, which presumably, is voice interaction.

The Cafe Jaxtr talk network allows you to check out people’s contact pages and dial them up. Likewise, you can view their profiles on Facebook or LinkedIn (and others), and if you find someone you want to talk to, you can give them a ring.

Jaxtr users have full control over the phone number calls are directed to. They may also block callers on a call-by-call or user basis.

Current popular topics people are talking up include cooking, dating, technology, jobs and travel. You can also search for people based on location.

I’m new to Jaxtr and have just set up a profile here.

You get 100 jax per month which act as credits to call people. Depending on which phone you send your calls to, you use up different amounts of jax per minute. Feel free to waste a few jax and leave me a message!