Jason Rezaian’s Trial Concludes

A verdict may arrive in a week for the imprisoned WaPo correspondent.

The fourth and final hearing in Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian‘s espionage trial in Iran concluded Monday with as much silence and opacity as has surrounded the length of his arrest and detention.

There is no clear word on when a verdict is to come, although the Wall Street Journal cited a report from the Islamic Republic News Agency that “quoted his lawyer, Leila Ahsan, as saying a verdict would be issued within a week.”

As he has done throughout Rezaian’s trial and detention, Washington Post executive editor Martin Baron issued a statement, labeling the trial a “sham” and calling for the exoneration of Rezaian and his wife, Yeganeh Rezaian.

The process has been anything but transparent and just, and that pattern persists. The only thing that is clear is Jason’s innocence. He is a dedicated, law-abiding journalist and a good man who has been targeted with nonsensical, unsupportable, and entirely baseless allegations of espionage and other offenses. He has been made to suffer physically and psychologically, and for that there is no excuse. His arrest, imprisonment, and now this sham trial contradict every standard required for the fair administration of justice, and they violate international law, Iran’s own laws, and fundamental human decency.

Read the statement in full here.

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