Jared Paul Stern Wants Post Job Back

jared_paul_stern_sm.jpgToday’s Page Six slammed its former scribes Jared Paul Stern and Ian Spiegelman after alleging that Stern was threatening to sue the Post and make public a four-page list of “lies and smears” aimed at his former colleagues.

Post editor Col Allan said the paper, “as a matter of principle, wouldn’t pay even one cent to the litigious Stern,” although it’s unclear whether or not Stern was seeking money.

We asked Stern — who filed a lawsuit against Ron Burkle and Bill and Hillary Clinton earlier this year — what, in fact, he was seeking. It appears Stern wants the Post to reinstate him after federal prosecutors did not charge him with the extortion of Burkle.

Here’s his response via e-mail:

The statement they issued originally was that I’d been “suspended pending the outcome of the investigation,” so we asked that I be re-instated when I was exonerated. This is yet another of their desperate attempts at a pre-emptive attack where they just end up shooting themselves in the foot.

We’ve been asking that they make good on their promise and re-instate me as Books editor, editor of the Page Six magazine and Page Six contributor since I was exonerated.

Ian’s statement was provided merely to demonstrate that the Post’s claims that I was some kind of “abberation” or “rogue” (their exact words) who violated company policy were not true and held me in a false light. We were only interested in coming to an amicable resolution.

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