Japan to Launch Tweeting Robot into Space

Japan is contemplating sending a humanoid robot into space who will monitor the astronauts’ health, space station conditions, and tweet it all back to Earth.

As the Associated Press reports, Japan might be sending an android to the International Space Station as early as 2013.

This android would provide “comfort and companionship” to the lonely astronauts while it monitors the living conditions on the ship, in addition to the stress levels of those aboard.

It would also tweet to us on Earth.

The report states that the android would mostly tweet pictures rather than original ideas. We wonder if it will use Twitpic or another service to send its pictures via Twitter. But however it transmits them, the tweeted pictures from space would no doubt be a great milestone for Twitter.

JAXA, Japan’s space agency, has said that this android is part of a larger effort to provide robotic help for the elderly. If it can tweet, there are some really innovative possibilities for alerting first responders to an unforeseen accident or injury to an elderly person via Twitter.

The current NASA-created robot, R-2, which is set to launch next week, is a human-like android that can also tweet – but it mostly tweets messages from NASA spokespeople, while the proposed Japanese tweeting robot would be more independently communicative.

Image courtesy of the Associated Press