Jann Wenner Thinks Gus Wenner is The Perfect Choice to Run RollingStone.com

Jann Wenner is very satisfied with naming Gus Wenner, his 22-year-old son, the new editor of Rollingstone.com. To quote Elaine, get out.

Below are some quotes from Jann’s interview with Adweek, along with some FishbowlNY analysis. In the talk, Jann explains why he hired his son without mentioning that he hired his son. Nice work.

On Gus’ age:

“He’s worked at Rollingstone.com for the past six or seven months. He’s reporting to people who are really smart. And he’s not doing any reckless things.” Checklist for becoming a top editor of one of the most iconic magazines ever published: 1) Work there for six or seven months. 2) Avoid f*cking up for six or seven months. You’re hired!

On if he’ll be tough on Gus:

“I’m not too tough on everybody. I let everyone do a good job and have fun. Gotta meet those standards.” Gus is totally going to party.

On what Gus will be doing in this new role:

“He’ll oversee all the aspects of the dot-com—edit, advertising, social, the whole picture. It’s 15 to 20 people.” There are currently 15 to 20 people who do not like Gus.

On if Gus will succeed him as head of Wenner Media one day:

“Who knows, who knows, who knows… It’s premature. He has to make up his own mind. It’s a path open to him if he wants it.” Jann will name Gus the new head of Wenner Media tomorrow.

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