Jane Smiley to Guest-Blog for Life Goes Strong

JaneSmiley.jpgPulitzer Prize-winning author Jane Smiley will lend her prose to Life Goes Strong, the online destination for baby boomers launched in May by iVillage unit NBC Digital Networks and Procter & Gamble Productions, as a guest blogger.

Beginning July 26, Smiley will reflect on her experiences at age 60, her literary work, family ties, romantic relationships, and child rearing, among other topics.

She wrote 13 novels, taking home the Pulitzer for A Thousand Acres, along with four nonfiction books and a book about horses for young adults. In addition to contributing to Life Goes Strong, Smiley plans to release a second horse book, A Good Horse, as well as The Man Who Invented the Computer, a biography of John Vincent Atanasoff.

NBC Digital Networks vice president Devin Johnson said:

Jane Smiley’s novels are often remarkable meditations on family life, from the joys to the challenges and everything in between. She is an amazing author, a boomer herself, and an ideal guest contributor for Life Goes Strong’s family vertical.

And Smiley added:

The bonds between relatives, lovers, and friends can be intricate and fascinating, and it doesn’t get any less complicated as you age. I appreciate the fact that Life Goes Strong explores these issues from a boomer perspective.