Jane Fonda Reinvents Herself in Social Media Space

Jane Fonda makes trends and goes with the trends. The 73-year-old actress, activist, fitness-guru, philanthropist, author and now social media blogger is setting the pace by pushing the envelope and getting us off our butts and into the fitness movement via apps.

In a recent interview, Fonda discussed how she plans to combine her relatively newfound love of blogging (on janefonda.com) and social media with her longtime commitment to fitness.

Jane Fonda told the LA Times, “Older women are the fastest-growing demographic for apps, for iPads – I was told that yesterday by someone I’m going to start working with on a much greater digital [project].”

Fonda was hush-hush about the secretive project. However, she hints the plans are “major major major major.” Of course, it relates to fitness and apps.

Fonda has reinvented herself as a blogger at janefonda.com and social media is part of her commitment to getting boomers and seniors in shape. Her main concern is that people are more out of shape today than when she first started the trend of working out and staying in shape. One has to wonder if social media really gets an out-of-shape person out the door on the jogging trail or headed to the gym.

Courrant.com reports that social media keeps those who workout motivated by sharing tips, competitive goals and overall encouragement. Working out can be lonely, so sharing it via Facebook or Twitter keeps the interest and perspective of staying in shape.

Perhaps, Fonda will go that route, creating a social media outlet for workout wannabes. She could learn from beginnertriathlete.com. Like Tommy did when he decided to go online and search for races. Soon he is “connecting with strangers, recording his workouts and doing seven to 10 triathlons a year. It’s even led him into coaching for Texas Triple Threat, a triathlon training club.”

Whatever Fonda has plans for in the social media workout scene, we are sure to hear about it when the fitness app arrives to the market.