#Jan25, The Rap Song

In what may very well be the first rap song to take its name from a Twitter hashtag, a new single from a hip-hop conflagration featuring Freeway, Amir Sulaiman, Ayah, The Narcicyst and Omar Offendum called “#Jan25,” takes its name the day the protests in Egypt started — now incidentally a trending topic. Hear the result below.

Consciousness-raising and politics is nothing new to rap, of course, but lines such as Omar Offendum’s “I heard them say the revolution won’t be televised/ and this era proved ’em wrong/ Twitter has ’em paralyzed” sound kind of silly and wooden (and ironically, especially inoffensive). Those moments stand in stark contrast to the catchy R&B hook sung by Canadian vocalist Ayah.

“News media disseminate to heaven’s gate” (from The Narcicyst) has a nice ring to it. And Freeway, who raps “Long as there’s breath/ then there’s still hope left,” could pretty much read the phonebook like it’s a matter of life and death.

There’s an undeniable epic sweep to go along to the ripped from the headlines track (complete with breathless soundbites from protesters in the streets of Cairo) produced by Sami Mater, a Palestinian-American composer from Southern California.

Of course, you can follow all the artists on Twitter.

@Offendum, Omar Offendum (MC #1)

@TheNarcicyst, The Narcicyst (MC #2)

@PhillyFreezer, Freeway (MC #3)

@AmirSulaiman, Amir Sulaiman (MC #4)

@AyahMusic, Ayah (R&B Vocalist)

@SamiMatar, Sami Matar (Producer)