Jamie Wyman: Digital Writer Spotlight

Stay-at-home mother, fire artist, drummer and circus enthusiast Jamie Wyman found a home for her weird fiction on Book Country.

The author has a literary agent, but uses the community writing site to share her shorter works. Below, we’ve posted an excerpt from “Eat. Prey. Love.

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Here’s an excerpt from “Eat. Prey. Love.

Splitting the curtains with a single, pale finger, Ana stared out the window. The day was dismal. Swollen clouds churned in blacks and grays, blotting out the sun. Far below, the cars were little more than colorful stones at the bottom of a flowing river of humanity. Ant-like bodies scurried along the concrete paths toward their little dens, hoping to outrun the oncoming storm.

“This is not the way to start our honeymoon,” Ana pouted.