James Dyson Gets the Okay to Build His Design School


Speaking of James Dyson, as we just mentioned in that post and made a promise yesterday, it looks like the inventor and importance-of-design-pusher has won over the people of Bath in the UK and they’re going to let him build his Dyson School of Design Innovation in the city. While it sounds like it was a something of a big change of heart, with the city’s committee in charge of the project going against a lot of the suggestions made by environmental agencies and the city council itself (including the fact that it could possibly get completely flooded, being as it’ll be super close to a river and on not-so-sturdy soil), in the end, everyone seemed pretty okay with building the school where it’s been planned (just as long as they mind the water). Well, okay, not everyone:

However, the proposal was not welcomed by all, with one objector, Kirsten Elliott, pleading with councillors not to allow “the grotesque mutilation of a fine facade”.

The proposed appearance of the building also concerned some councillors.

Cllr Brain Webber (Con, Abbey) said: “I think this proposed building in terms of sheer size and bulk is dominating and out of character.

“The views from surrounding hills are significantly marred by some of the buildings that have gone up in recent years.

“I see no reason to put another intrusive glass structure up at this location.