Jaffe: Post Embraces Blogging

Harry Jaffe writes up the the emerging world of the Post blogs, saying “Within the Washington Post, 2006 is becoming the Year of the Blog. “A lot of the stuff I put out raw,” says columnist and humorist Joel Achenbach, the Post’s primordial Web blogger. “I keep thinking today is the day I will write something that destroys the Washington Post as a newspaper.”

Jaffe asks whether any of the Post blogs are edited: “Yes,” says Washingtonpost.com editor Jim Brady, “they are edited. Depending on the urgency of the post, some are edited before, and others are edited live. But we do put eyes on the posts.”

The Post is finding that the blogs are good for filling in lots of information that wouldn’t otherwise find itself into print, as Chris Cillizza is doing nationally, Michael Shear is doing in Virginia, and the Annapolis bureau is doing in Maryland.

Of course blogging is also a way for a columnist whose traditional real estate has been replaced with a useless and vapid “rail,” as Marc Fisher is learning.