Jack Shafer’s Friend Ranking, Version 3.0

UPDATED 2/20/07: David Hammond, Steven Poole and Eric Klinenberg join the list!

Jack Shafer has more friends than we originally thought. With a little help from Wonkette, some from Shafer, and a whole lot of reading, we have Shafer’s updated rankings.

#1. David Corn (“David Corn, my current #1”)

#2. Greg Easterbrook (“In the 20 years he’s been my friend“)

#3. Chuck Shepherd (“My Friend“)

#4. Anne Applebaum (“a friend and former regular Slate contributor”)

#5.Dirk Olin (“my friend … now editor-in-chief of JudicialReports.com)

#6. Dennis Cauchon (“My friend“) Previously 5

#7. Dave McKenna (“McKenna is a friend.”) Previously 6

#8. Paul Farhi (“I saw a Baltimore Orioles game with Farhi in the early ’90s.”) Previously 7

#9. Jonathan Chait (“my friend“) Previously 8

#10. Jeff Riggenbach (“my old friend“) Previously 9

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#11. Eric Boehlert (“Boehlert has been a friend and respected colleague of mine for 15 years, although I never met him in the flesh until a couple of weeks ago.”) Previously 10

#12. Mary Jordan (“I consider Jordan a friend“) Previously 11

#13. Kevin Sullivan (“I consider Sullivan a friend“) Previously 12

#14. Jeffrey Goldberg (“Goldberg is a friend“) Previously 13

#15. Mark Feldstein (“is a friend — not as good a friend as David Corn, but a lot better than Michael Isikoff”). Previously 14

#16. Mark Liebovich (“much better friend than Michael Isikoff, but much worse than David Corn, my current #1”)Previously 15

#17. Glen Simpson (“Glenn Simpson is a friend“) Previously 16

#18. Rachel Zimmerman (“My friend“) Previously 17

#19. James Surowiecki (“I’ve edited Surowiecki and consider him a friend.”) Previously 18

#20. Bill Powers (“My friend Bill Powers”) Previously 119

#21. Joel Achenbach (“Joel, who is also a friend of mine”) Previously 20

#22. Jim Brady (“Brady and I both work for Washington Post Newsweek Interactive, and I consider him a friend.”) Previously 21

#23. Matt Miller (“Matt’s a friend, and he’s contributed to Slate”) Previously 22

#24. Matt Cooper (“Matt Cooper is a friend“) Previously 23

#25. Nick Gillespie (“a friend“) Previously 24

#26. Alex Star (“Alex Star is a friend of mine, but not such a good friend that I wouldn’t rather write something mean about him given half a chance”) Previously 25

#27. Ana Marie Cox (“a friend–at least as of this writing.”) Previously 26

#28. David Von Drehle (a “mutual friend“; “Von Drehle is a friend, although he would probably deny it if you asked him directly.”) Previously 27

#29. Thomas Ricks (“I’m friendly with Thomas Ricks.”) Previously 28

#30. Christopher Hitchens (“my Slate colleague“)

#31. Michael Iskioff (“a friend, but not so good. In fact, it’s been so long since I’ve socialized with him, I’d say he’s not a friend anymore but merely somebody I know.”) Previously 29

#32. Eric Klinenberg (“Disclosure: Klinenberg interviews me in his book.)

#33. Boyce Rensberger (“This time 22 years ago, when Boyce Rensberger was an editor at Science 84 magazine, he assigned a feature story to me. He had the supreme good sense to leave the magazine as I turned in my copy.”) Previously 32

#34. Christopher Hawthorne (“who once freelanced for Slate”) Previously 33

#35. Rajiv Chandrasekaran (“I interviewed Rajiv Chandrasekaran once.”) Previously 34

#36. Frazer Smith (“Ford gave the commencement address at my land-grant diploma mill the year I graduated, and I got to shake his hand when he handed me my degree. Comedian Frazer Smith, just ahead of me in line, hit Jerry in the paw with a hand buzzer as they shook.” Previously 35

#37. Bob Woodward (“I had a sandwich with Bob Woodward 13 years ago and still maintain he didn’t get a goddamn thing out of me no matter what you read in his books.”) Previously 36

#38. David Hammond (University of Waterloo professor David Hammond wrote “a sidebar to my piece last summer.”)

#39. Steven Poole