J-School Students Cover Magazines

atoosa_nyrm_0507.jpgStudents at Columbia J-school threw a release party last night at Essex celebrating the seventh edition of New York Review of Magazines. The media-on-media tome boasts features on topics ranging from the state of muscle magazines and ‘zines to the life of a fashion assistant and the greening of the business, along with 13 magazine reviews.

Like any good school project, this year’s version started out slowly, but “people really got excited about it, especially in the last two months,” contributor Mark Wellborn admitted. The ambitious result signifies the amount of time the group spent in production. Students in the visual arts program provided illustrations [like Atoosa by Gerry Dy, left], and many writers met their image counterparts for the first time last night.

Over pitchers of free sangria (drink up guys and gals, graduation is five days away), we spoke with Nola Weinstein about whether Atoosa is crazy (the money quote from her profile of the MySpace queen: “Cutting is the new bulimia”) and Wellborn about spending time at Good (“It’s just like what we are doing, except they have money … a lot of money”) and media’s obsession with covering itself. We won’t complain.