iVillage, PASS from American Express to Help Parents with 'The Talk'

iVillage and PASS from American Express want to help parents when it’s time to have “the talk” with their teenagers.

No, not that talk: The NBC Universal-owned women’s online destination and the prepaid reloadable card for teens teamed up on multiplatform initiative The Talk, aimed at helping mothers teach their young adults about financial responsibility.

The Talk will include custom editorial and video, social-media components, and promotion on NBC.com.

Video vignettes and a series created by parenting and financial experts will be promoted on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Parents who are on Facebook can access the iVillage page for tips and advice from other parents and financial experts, as well as the opportunity to download The Talk badge after having “the talk.” And The Talk will be promoted on the Parenthood page on NBC.com, as well as via an online public-service announcement featuring CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo.

iVillage executive vice president Jodi Kahn said:

Thousands of conversations on iVillage’s message boards confirm that finance is a pervasive theme in women’s lives. Women admit that having this talk can be just as difficult as family conversations around peer pressure, dating, or substance abuse. We are excited to launch The Talk in partnership with PASS from American Express to create an online experience where women can connect, share, and learn about ways to communicate with their teens on this very important subject.

And Alpesh Chokshi, president of American Express’ global prepaid business, added:

We are delighted to partner with iVillage, home to more than 30 million women and moms. Parents of PASS card members told us they are committed to teaching their teens lessons of financial responsibility. We believe that The Talk provides moms with another resource to help facilitate the important conversation around money, while also providing teens and young adults with a safer path toward financial independence.