It’s Your 5:43 Wakeup Call: Amy Holmes on a Rampage

alarm-clock-rooster.jpg It’s 5:43 a.m. And Amy Holmes, host of Talk Radio Network’s “America’s Morning News,” is calling. About her resume. About her ever-changing career. Because she thinks its important that she clarify…something.

I, of course, don’t answer the phone at this hour because I’m, well, sleeping.

Holmes, it appears by the sound of her caffeinated voice, is wide
awake and agitated over an item I wrote Tuesday. The item highlighted a survey that ran in Politico on CNN’s Reliable Sources Host Howard Kurtz’s Top 20 guest list since January of 2000. The story questioned Kurtz’s choice of guests, and suggested some other journos might be as worthy as those in his Top 20. Holmes, I wrote, has appeared on his show 18 times, making her number 13 out of 20.

I reported that after the 2008 election cycle, CNN choose not to keep
her on as a CNN contributor (although CNN still lists
her as such on its website. Might want to fix that).

Holmes in her frantic crack-of-dawn phone message claimed I made
factual errors, but has yet to back that assertion up with evidence.

But that was just the beginning.

11am: Another angry email tirade arrives from Holmes, but this time
she’s bringing more people into the fold with various CC’s, hoping
that they might have her back.

“The piece was in error regarding my tenure as a CNN contributor.” At
the end she remarked, “I’ve called and left a message with her, but
have gotten no response. Should I be surprised?”

But she wasn’t done there. Then she started looping in her old pals in
CNN’s PR department.

To this day,she has yet to explain how our item was in error, but
perhaps we’ll grant her this: At 5 in the morning, does anybody really
know what they’re talking about?