It’s Time to Rekindle Your Hatred of LogoWorks


Here and there, we’ve talked about LogoWorks, from their thieving ways to their being snatched up by HP a little while back, and we know how much it gets you riled up, but we think you’re cute when you’re mad, so here we are again. Adland has offered up not only a full overview of the case against the company, from the backlash against them to their many shameless thefts, but also provided a clip of their new horribly cheesy television spot, showing you how you can get all your company’s design work done for as little as $99. Here’s a bit of Adland’s fun write-up:

Katz Design said “Imagine how honored I feel – a logo that my company developed for our clients being sold as a template logo by LogoWorks for $99.”

It gets better — or worse — HP are currently airing a 60 sec commercial touting the greatness that is their logoworks. I’m not sure if a copy of a world famous logo makes my small business look big, or if just makes it look like I got big brass balls. Is that a good thing? Does HP really want to go there?