It’s Pretty Sweet That The IPod Won An Award But Now They Don’t Know Who To Give It To


We told you about the INDEX 2005 Awards, with just a quick run-through of the winners. We were rushed, hurried, painting our toes. But now that we have a languid Wednesday afternoon to spend contemplating various design matters, we’ve noticed something interesting. The INDEX people do not know to whom (we are WASPS, forgive us) they should be giving the cash prize for the iPod win. From the Index announcement:

The award is giving [sic] to: The combination of iPod and iTunes

The award will be received by: ????

Apple’s general anonymity of designers has always been a sticking point with the company, and one that we–in the spirit of egalitarianism–have always found fairly worthwhile. But now that there’s some complicated portion of 500,000 Euros to be given to some designers, we’re anticipating a little bit of a catfight over at 1 Infinite Loop. If anyone’s got any dirt, or knows who’ll be getting the goods, (we’d like to start being kept in the lifestyle to which we would like to become accustomed, redux), tip us off.