It’s Internship Season

If you’re hoping to get a summer internship in journalism for 2010, now—yes, now—is the time to start. We certainly didn’t know that when we were green around the ears.

Then we found Joe Grimm’s internship application calendar. Yes, this is an oldie but a goodie, and still as relevant as ever. In it, we learn that application deadlines can be as soon as a month away, so you’ll need to get your clips and resume in order ASAP.

Develop a system. Find the papers/magazines/web sites you’re interested in interning with, find out their application deadlines and requirements. Consider scanning a job board on a weekly basis to find other internships you may have missed, but that you may want.

Above all, if we may preach for a minute, don’t be late. It seems obvious, but if you can’t make the deadline to apply for an internship, who will trust you can make deadlines when filing stories?

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