It’s Here. Washington Life‘s 2009 The Young & The Guest List

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting with bated breath for… Washington Life Magazine‘s 2009 The Young & the Guest List is here.

The annual collection of 250 of the “most influential Washingtonians under 40” includes the scene’s well-knowns like NBC’s Luke Russert, Fox’s Bret Baier and CNN’s Jessica Yellin, as well as fresh new faces like MIX 107.3’s Tommy McFly.

Now we can’t divulge the full list here, but we can share these stats:

55% of the individuals on the 2009 Young & The Guest List are new additions to the list this year. (Note: the total number of listees has not increased since 2008)

39 individuals, or approximately 1 in 6, work on Capitol Hill, in the White House, the diplomatic corps, or public service

41 are CEO’s and 67 people, or approximately 1 in 4 have founded a company or non-profit

34% are married

Male 54%/Female 46%

35 people, or 12% are media professionals

The 2009 Y&GL party will be held Thursday, April 16th at an undisclosed location, and the guest list is pretty exclusively these 250 and one guest each.

To see if you’ve made the cut, check out the 35 media professionals after the jump.

Quinn Bradlee, Author

Pamela Brown, ABC 7 and News Channel 8

Desmond Butler, AP reporter

Donna Byrd, Publisher of the

Tucker Carlson

Peter Cherukuri and Emily Lenzner, Roll Call and ABC News, respectively

Lindsay Czarniak, NBC 4

Ross Douthat, The Atlantic

Jennifer Duck, ABC News

Betsy Fischer, Meet the Press

Hadley Gamble, Fox News

Patrick Gavin, Politico

Garrett Graff, Washingtonian

Savannah Guthrie, NBC News

Chris Hayes, The Nation

Amy Holmes, CNN

Ezra Klein, American Prospect

Chris Lehmann and Ana Marie Cox, CQ Weekly and, respectively

Jonathan Martin, Politico

Alicia Menendez, Blogger

Norah O’Donnell, MSNBC

Reihan Salam, The Atlantic

Jamal Simmons, CNN

Ben Smith, Politico

Pamela Sorenson, Pamela’s Punch

Bayanne Surdashi, Al Hurra TV

Will Thomas, Fox 5 News

Chris VanCleave, ABC 7

Dan Zak, WaPo Style Section