Italian Vogue‘s ‘Most-Wanted’ Black Issue, Returns!

blkvoggue.pngIt’s back! Last week after reports surfaced that it was almost as hard to get one’s hands on the much ballyhooed July issue of Italian Vogue, featuring all Black models, as it was to get the new iPhone we despaired of ever seeing a copy. Especially after trolling mid-town one night and coming up empty-handed. Apparently we were beat to it early on: according to WWD many magazine stores sold out of their stock with in the first twelves hours.

However, rest easy magazine-o-philes! It looks like Conde Nast made good on its promise to print an extra 100,000 copies, something we happily discovered this week-end on a stroll past our favorite mag store on Ave A. First reprints are now available (at $19.99), and in multiple covers. Get ’em while you can. One can only hope the American magazine market takes note, since we can’t remember the last time U.S. Vogue had to reprint anything.