Is Verizon’s iPhone Selling?

Is the Verizon iPhone a dud for sales? While Verizon reported that they had sold out of the iPhone during the presale period, reports are now circulating that since launch, the iPhone isn’t living up to expectations.

CNET reports: “First, there were those short, almost nonexistent lines on launch day. Then Boy Genius Report got its hands on some ‘sensitive information’ from a source that indicated sales numbers for the new iPhone were lower than expected (according to those numbers, the Verizon iPhone 4 was barely outpacing its AT&T counterpart four days after launch). Next, Marco Arment, the app developer behind Instapaper reported that he didn’t get the sales spike he expected with the introduction of a new iPhone (this led him to speculate that the Verizon iPhone was being sold to existing iPhone or iPod Touch owners). And just today, the blog ConceivablyTech, claims that UPS was upset after it set up a special shipping program for the Verizon iPhone that turned out to be overkill, with Verizon never matching its ‘forecasted shipping numbers.’”

Still Apple’s iPhone sales aren’t hurting. When they last reported figures (which was before the Verizon iPhone launched), Apple had sold 16.24 million iPhones. This figure, which represents sales from fiscal Q1 2011, represents an 86% spike in iPhone sales from the same time period in 2010.

Apple may be moving on already, with a big media event planned for next week, which is likely to involve the announcement of an iPad 2 and possibly an iPhone 5.