Is TMZDC Out For The Count?

Today, Howard Kurtz writes up a piece that’s been on all of our minds lately: Where the heck is TMZDC?

First, there was all the buzz.
Then, crickets.
Then, no big WHCA plans.

From Kurtz’s piece:

    “We haven’t found the right people to work on it or the right mix of stories,” said a TMZ staffer who declined to be identified while discussing internal deliberations. “It’s difficult. We’re not going to launch until it’s right.”

    Asked if the venture might be scrapped, this person said: “No idea.”

So what is the future? Here’s what TMZDC has going for it…

…name recognition.
…near certain high levels of web traffic from the beginning.
…web savvy.

Here’s what TMZDC doesn’t have going for it…

…it’s hard to find gossipers not already taken.
…it’s hard to find gossipers willing to do the kind of stories TMZ wants them to do.
…Wonkette already kind has a monopoly on that market.
…Washington isn’t always that interesting…most of the great items that TMZ foresees publishing are already being scouted out by Washington’s 10+ gossip mongers.
…in order to do TMZDC well, you have to not care about ever working in this town ever again. Those kind of folks are almost impossible to find in Washington, which generally plays it very safe.