Is this Reporter Headed For Trouble?


We’re being something of a whistleblower (read: tattle tail) this afternoon. Even Washington Business Journal’s Michael Neibauer remarked, “You know this is going to get me in trouble.”

Niebauer apparently has superpowers over at the WBJ. He said on Twitter today, “If you want to read a story that’s behind the WBJ pay wall and you don’t want to subscribe, DM your e-mail…”

“Hopefully we get some subscribers out of it,” Neibauer told FishbowlDC this afternoon, explaining he only intends to send readers his stories, not those of other reporters. “I wanted to open up that possibility to some. I don’t do it on a mass basis. I have 500 plus followers. Most of them are not interested in every story I write. I won’t e-mail them other people stories. I certainly won’t open up the entire pay wall.”

WBJ is a subscription-based newspaper. Most stories are behind the pay wall, but a sampling are posted online. “We live with it because that’s what makes our newspaper profitable,” Neibauer said. “I think making it accessible, I think it’s within the rules. [PAUSE] I think.”