Is the Public, and the PR Industry, Ready for Test-Tube Burgers?

From the McRib to allegedly gluten-free products, the nexus of food and public relations has always been big business. Sadly, some of that PR involves companies and brands attempting to obfuscate the dietary content of their offerings. However, as the foodie generation grows older, consumers are becoming more discerning about the foods they consume.

So, this week, as the first test-tube hamburger was served pan-fried in London for all the public to see, PR professionals can’t help but wonder what this wonder food means to our industry. Is this simply a passing gimmick that will be buried in a grave beside New Coke, or are we witnessing a revolution in what and how the human race perceives food?

As a PR industry professional, what do you think the future of test-tube meat is, and what role will public relations play in its success or failure?