Is the LA Times Going Behind a Paywall?

Blogging LA Times pressman Ed Padgett says it’s only a matter of time. Padgett writes that the upcoming Audit Bureau of Circulation numbers will show a big drop in circulation at the paper, stemming largely from the Labor Day rate increase of the paper. On top of the lost subscription money, ad rates are based off of circulation numbers. So if the drop is big enough the Times may be scrambling for revenue. It seems unlikely they’d be able to get a paywall up before the latest circulation numbers are announced, though. Which, we’re guessing, will mean layoffs. Padgett certainly seems to think so.

With advertising showing a slight increase the past three weeks it may not be enough to fend off additional downsizing in Operations at the Olympic Facility, at least that’s what our senior vice-president of production is claiming when he asks my colleagues, “Do you have a plan B ready, if not you better”. This has infuriated many, even if it is the truth, the men and women working in Operations do not want to hear this from him!

We here at FishbowlLA humbly suggest suspending executive bonuses at the paper in lieu of layoffs. Sadly, no one ever seems to listen to us.