Is Steve Rubel the Future of Forbes?


The Edelman Digital executive and well-known blogger turned life-streamer is certainly a part of it, after the publication said in an editorial meeting yesterday that it would add, “thousands of outside contributors.”

Rubel writes a column for But does he get paid?

Another contributor, Altimeter Group analyst Jeremiah Owyang, recently told PRNewser, “I’m not paid, but I feel it’s great exposure to my insights, which I can cross post on my blog. Win-win in my perspective, I’m happy with my relationship with Forbes and hope to continue it.”

Rubel said that he shares Owyang’s sentiment and highly values his relationship with the media brand.

Does the addition of a slew of outside content mean is going the way of Huffington Post, where just about anyone can get a byline? It seems like it, and it’s an opportunity for PR professionals to pitch their clients, and maybe even themselves as contributors.

Will the “thousands” of contributors change the quality of editorial? The site’s “chief product officer,” Lewis Dvorkin, called the new model, “incentive based entrepreneurial journalism,” and said it isn’t about trying to get people to give Forbes content with no reward.

Dvorkin comes to Forbes as part of their acquisition of digital news start-up True/Slant, which will now be integrated into in some manner.

A former writer told PRNewser that the publication, “Probably has seen its biggest days online, but [there is] obviously a lot of value in its proprietary lists so it’s not going to die for a very long time.”