Is Jason Linkins a 13-Year-Old Girl?

Like hello everyone. Here is like some really bad news. If you like this blog you’re in major valley girl trouble because next weekend I’m going to the kickass land of big hair New Jersey. Like the next week I’ll like be here. But then I’m like getting on an airplane (Weeeeee!) and going to London to where Kate and Pippa like live.

Okay, here’s what HuffPost “Eat the Press” Editor  Jason Linkins really wrote in his OMG-infested “Sunday TV SoundOff,” but we think our version is less irritating than his and that isn’t saying much, if anything. The gist is, we’re going to be absolutely listless and lost without Linkins for what appears to be three non-consecutive Sundays. Here’s to hoping we survive the grief.

Hey, everyone, here’s some bad news — unless of course, you hate this liveblog, in which case, hooray, good news! We are entering a brief period of livebloglessness. Next week, I shall be away on Sunday, traveling to scenic New Jersey for the holiday weekend. The week after that, we will be back, with the regularly scheduled liveblog. But the week after that, I will be away for two Sundays while I am in the United Kingdom, doing Britishy things. And I understand it is a tradition there to never watch Meet The Press. Which is genius. Then I’ll probably be back, probably until I die! So, that’s the situation, hope everyone can deal. In the meantime, here’s today’s thingamajig. As always, email comment twitter tra la!

Jason, we’re giving you this Valley Girl fashion jelly skirt by Marc Jacobs for your trips. Enjoy.