Is It Supposed To Be Like Woodstock But Flat?


The awesomely-named Bumbershoot festival is hitting Seattle this weekend. We like our former equally rainy neighbors to the south, so we’re psyched for them. Last Days etc aside. The festival’s mostly about rock and music and rock music but there’s a poster convention, Flatstock, sponsored by the American Poster Institute (who knew??) going on at the Fisher Pavilion of the Seattle Center from 11-7, tomorrow through Monday. They say:

That’s right. Our renegade group of rock poster artists have managed to pull off six consecutive poster conventions in less than three years, and now we are gearing up for our seventh. Poster artists from around the world will hit Seattle , Washington for FLATSTOCK 7, the bi-annual convention, sponsored by the American Poster Institute, dedicated to the promotion of music poster art and design worldwide. You’ve heard the sordid tales of deluxe poster prints sold to the general public by the artists themselves, now come see for yourself. Your favorite bands put to paper by your favorite artists coming together for the freak out in one big ass room.

FLATSTOCK 7 is free for all with a Bumbershoot ticket, which is only $18 per day in advance. Show up early and be ready to be overwhelmed with amazing posters (you might want to bring some dough too since you won’t want to leave empty handed.) FLATSTOCK 7 is an all-ages event.

All-ages, all right.